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*All services offered here exclusively use the voice and coaching of Scott Douglass*


VOICE OVERS – Use the Contact page here at Scott Douglass Media and provide details of your voice over needs to receive a specific rate quote. All voice over projects for any needs considered. Rates begin at $100.00 per project.


GROUP BEGINNING VOCAL TRAINING – Basic vocal training and instructions to improve live speaking performances for all needs. Students looking to improve oral presentations; people looking to become live event or broadcast hosts; those preparing for auditions; and anyone with a desire to improve their public speaking skills can benefit from this one-hour class on Zoom. Limited to 10 participants per class. Learn the basics of how to improve your vocal tone, vocal delivery, and physical public speaking performances with tips learned and proven effective over 30 years in the industry. Includes basic individual evaluation of each participant. Cost is $50.00 per participant. Use the Contact page to request information via email on available Group Beginning Vocal Training class times and reserve your spot.


INDIVIDUAL VOCAL PERFORMANCE COACHING – One on one vocal performance coaching tailored to your specific needs and goals. Personal vocal training, individual vocal performance evaluation, tips, and guidance designed to improve the public speaking skills of every client. A great opportunity for public speakers in all genres, including drivers and athletes looking to improve their interview skills. One hour online vocal coaching rate is $200.00. Use the Contact page to request specific Individual Vocal Performance Coaching details via email.


CONTINUING INDIVIDUAL VOCAL PERFORMANCE COACHING – Online individual vocal performance coaching, one hour per week. Ideal for live event hosts currently working, and for those who want to stay sharp for the return of live event opportunities. This is the best plan for anyone looking to continually improve their public speaking skills and performances for all applications. Total rate for four weeks (4 one-hour sessions) is $500.00. Use the Contact page to request Continuing Individual Vocal Performance Coaching details via email.

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“Whether you are a current Monster Jam Athlete or an aspiring one, there’s simply no greater source to learn from than Scott Douglass. Taking action towards improving my communication abilities with Douglass has been a huge step towards the right direction for a future career in Monster Jam, and any aspect of vocal performance going forward. Learning proper vocal techniques in a wide range of one-on-one interview and communication settings is the key to tremendous success in many careers. Working on news media interviews, driver interviews in a Monster Jam event settings and sponsorship messages are all crucial aspects of communication for a future career in Monster Jam. Having the chance to work with Douglass in vocal performance training has given me confidence going forward that I’m ready for whatever lies ahead!”

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